Well Pressure Control Systems

iTS, Parker Drilling’s well pressure control services are key to preventing dangerous blowouts by monitoring “kicks” and adjusting the pressure, to stop a blowout before it happens.

It’s more than controlling the downhole pressure in the wellbore; you need reliable well pressure control systems in place to control the pressure of the extracted fluid to prevent the fluid from flowing up or causing blowouts. With the right BOP stack and BOP control systems in place by iTS, Parker Drilling, your drilling operations will be able to continue without issue.

Providing industry-leading pressure control services

iTS, Parker Drilling’s pressure control equipment (PCE) services focus on providing innovative, cost-effective solutions enhancing operational safety and efficiency. With rental and maintenance services, we provide top quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) certified BOP Systems that reduce downtime and overall costs. Our team is fully capable of developing a customized solution for all your PCE needs, as we provide:

  • BOP & Diverter systems
  • Pricing agreements with OEM’s
  • Centralized Purchasing
  • BOP Exchange Programs
  • Technical Services & Support
  • Certified Testing Facilities
  • Asset Tracking System
  • And more

Whether your drilling operation is in a normal or harsh environment, we design our well pressure control services to meet the specific needs of your operation.

OEM Certified BOPs 

With our global reach, iTS, Parker Drilling is capable of delivering OEM certified BOPs and valves, wherever your operation is based. The OEM’s continually recertify our equipment to help ensure the reliability and trustworthiness our BOP control systems and BOP stacks.

Contact iTS, Parker Drilling today

Whether you are looking for well pressure and BOP control systems or technical support, iTS Parker Drilling is fully equipped to improve your drilling operation. Your company will experience significantly less down time and more drill time with these systems from iTS, Parker Drilling. Talk to our team today to see how we can help you.

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