Sustainability Performance

A commitment to sustainable business practices

Our commitment to ESG extends to assisting our customers through a combination of cost-effective solutions and operational excellence, including:

  • Building trust and credibility in contributing to a lower-carbon economy,
  • Increasing efficiencies at Parker-owned rigs to lay a foundation that leads towards an improvement in greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Respecting the environment,
  • Pursuing geothermal projects to extract the earth’s heat to support a cleaner environment,
  • Minimizing our ecological footprint,
  • Protecting the integrity of the land and environment where we operate,
  • Local hiring,
  • Women in the workplace,
  • Inclusion and diversity, and
  • Health and safety: safe operations.

Environmental Principles
Parker commits to:

  • Using energy efficiently;
  • Managing water and waste responsibly; and
  • Advancing best practices to reduce environmental impact.

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Social Principles
Parker commits to:

  • Diversity, equality, and inclusion in employment practices;
  • Safe and healthy working conditions for employees; and
  • Improving communities where we work through local hiring.

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Governance Principles
Parker commits to:

  • Operating in an ethical manner and in compliance with laws and regulations;
  • Implementing processes throughout our workforce that reinforces integrity where we operate around the world;
  • Managing risk through appropriate controls and processes.

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