Permanent Whipstock Sidetracking Systems

iTS, Parker Drilling provides drilling operations with permanent and retrievable whipstock sidetracking system which help to resume productive drilling operations for window milling projects in a safe and efficient way. With globally located API-certified facilities, we quickly mobilize and deliver premium whipstock systems to limit operational downtime, even for drilling operations in harsh and remote environments. Plus, with our industry-leading customer support, our team makes sure that the equipment and systems we provide are used in the most efficient and safe way.

Versatile and efficient Whipstock Sidetracking Systems

iTS, Parker Drilling not only provides high-quality whipstock systems, but the necessary support to properly utilize these tools.  iTS, Parker Drilling can provide a combination of whipstock and sidetracking equipment in order to change the trajectory of the wellbore, creating a cost-effective alternative to aborting the well and moving to a new location.

Easy-Trak Casing Departure System

iTS, Parker Drilling’s Easy-Trak System is a unique whipstock/multi-mill combination tool used for sidetracking operations. Available in a wide range of standard and custom-made sizes using whipstocks that can be retrieved or permanently set, the Easy-Trak System is extremely versatile and flexible.

Several key features of the Easy-Trak System include:

  • One-trip system with mill, whipstock and anchor integrated assembly
  • Proven cutting structure using custom-blend carbides and specially designed tungsten inserts for quick cutting
  • Whipstock uses a mechanically or hydraulically set anchor that allows for both top and bottom-side exits
  • Multi-mill design that reduces stress on the mill assembly during cut-out phase



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With over 80 years in the drilling industry, Parker has the experience and tools to get the job done right. Our retrievable and permanent whipstock sidetracking systems are just some of the many tools we have at our disposal. Contact us today to learn more about how iTS, Parker Drilling can help with your drilling operation today.

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