Open Hole Whipstock Sidetracking Systems

In a competitive market, the discovery of new oilfields is an ever-increasing challenge, meaning that drilling operations are expected to maximize the productivity within existing fields. iTS, Parker Drilling can supply the Easy-Trak casing exit system as an innovative, cost-effective re-entry drilling solution for your whipstock drilling tools needs. Through our international rental services, we quickly deliver premium openhole and cased hole whipstock tools to drilling operations around the world. In addition to being highly mobile in delivering rental whipstock drilling tools around the world, our staff of experts develop efficient drilling solutions to best utilize whipstock tools for drilling operations that reduce downtime and maximize production.

Inventory of high-quality, proven rental whipstock drilling tools

Before the advancement of cased hole and openhole whipstock tools, a drilling operation could come to a complete halt, or suffer from diminished productivity, due to an obstruction. Being on the forefront of drilling solutions within the oil & gas industry, iTS, Parker Drilling is fully stocked with advanced whipstock drilling tools for rent that allow operations to overcome these challenges. With our rental services, our customers receive high-quality whipstock tools when they absolutely need them.

With iTS, Parker Drilling, our quality whipstock drilling tools and solutions help to:

  • Reduce NPT
  • Explore new horizons with reduced cost
  • Create multilateral wells from the same mother bore
  • And more

Renting tools with iTS, Parker Drilling ultimately provides a cost-effective solution for operations, as our team makes sure that you receive the best tools for the job, and that they are used in an efficient and safe way.

Team up with the leading provider of openhole and cased hole whipstock tools

Our team at iTS, Parker Drilling is standing by to meet the variety of needs that our clients might have. We provide a full suite of drilling services and whipstock drilling tools that allow our clients to maximize their productivity and safety. Learn more about how iTS, Parker Drilling can serve as a trusted partner in your next drilling operation by contacting us today.

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