We have developed a unique expertise in offshore drilling through projects spanning: Operations and Management (O&M) services across the globe; our fleet of barge rigs in Gulf of Mexico and our arctic–class barge rig in the Caspian; as well as engineering, project management and construction support.

From our first offshore operation in the Cook Inlet of Alaska in the 1970’s to global operations in locations such as platforms in Sakhalin Island, Russia, and Canada, and barges in the Gulf of Mexico we have the capability to design and operate offshore and barge drilling rigs in both routine and harsh weather environments.

Our U.S. Gulf of Mexico barge rig fleet ranges from 1,000 HP to 3,000 HP, with drilling depth capabilities of over 30,000 feet. We continue to invest in our rigs to improve efficiency and safety performance ensuring our rigs are equipped for zero-discharge operations and suitable for a variety of drilling programs in coastal and federal waters, particularly for deep drilling.

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Land Drilling

Parker’s land rig fleet is positioned in international markets, with rigs ranging from 900 to 3,000 horsepower with drilling depth capabilities of 9,000 to 35,000 feet.


Our advanced project management services draw on years of success with high-profile, technically challenging projects.

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