International Drilling Rental Tool Services

Parker Drilling provides international drilling rental tools services for those seeking maximum efficiency and cost savings for their drilling operation(s). With a globally reaching presence, we help an extensive list of clients by providing them with the high-quality equipment they need to get the job done right. Our commitment to safety, quality, and time savings should make us your primary international oil rig equipment supplier.

Whether you are looking to acquire bore clean out tools, hole openers, tubing or other drill accessories, you can eliminate the hassle by choosing Parker Drilling for your drilling rental tools supplier needs.

Why buy when you can utilize international drilling rental tools services?

Rental equipment and tools as a service provides many benefits to drilling operations. The one main benefit of utilizing Parker Drilling’s rental services is that all our tools and equipment are premium-grade, and come from API-certified facilities. Additional benefits include:

  • When you rent equipment, Parker Drilling makes your life easier by taking on the responsibility as an international oil rig equipment supplier. With Parker Drilling and iTS, you never have to worry about transferring equipment from one rig and location to another.
  • If you do not want the overhead costs associated with transporting machinery from point A to point B, then drilling rig rental equipment is the appropriate choice for your company.
  • Inspections and maintenance are critical to the success of your drill rig equipment, whether you rent or buy. Our team of professionals provides direct safety support, making sure that your equipment meets all legal and safety requirements while maintaining peak performance.

We invest in your team’s ongoing welfare through our stringent quality initiatives. Our responsive, reliable and trustworthy team is here to help you identify the right equipment for the job. We offer a diverse array of products to suit your needs, including jars and accelerators that are made in-house for faster distribution.

Contact Parker Drilling for drilling rental services today

Our impact tools, hole openers, drilling motors and other key drilling components are ready for setup at your site today. Contact us now to learn more about the time savings that you can seize when you choose international drilling rental tools services.

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