Drilling Resource Management Programs

Choosing the right drilling resource management programs can help to improve the efficiency of your operation. At Parker Drilling, our IADC accredited competency and development program is based on our experience within the industry and provides your team with the necessary skills to efficiently meet the needs of your operation.

Efficient and effective drilling resource management programs

At Parker Drilling, we provide global oil rig training programs designed around over 80 years of experience. These training programs go far beyond the basics of drilling — they are adaptable, and customizable to meet the requirements of a wide range of drilling operations and projects with unique and specific demands.

Parker Drilling’s drilling rig development programs focus on:

  • Safety: Our drilling resource management programs focus on safety of all rig personnel and the entire surrounding environment. With the energy industry’s high-risk setting, we at Parker Drilling utilize the safest practices and methods to keep your employees and environment safe.
  • Problem solving: Parker Drilling consistently works to advance and utilize innovative technology in the world of drilling. Solving problems that arise could not come easier with the correct tools and knowledge at your disposal. Combined with the right global oil rig training programs, Parker Drilling can help you learn how to leverage this technology to meet the specific needs and challenges of your operation.
  • Efficiency: Crew resource management for global drilling operations with Parker Drilling focus on developing efficient competencies. Having been involved with drilling projects around the globe, our Integrated Management System adapts to the specific environments they’re in, to ensure that efficiency works hand in hand with personnel safety.

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