Casing while driving solutions

iTS, Parker Drilling offers casing while drilling solutions (CwD) that will have an immediate impact on the bottom line of your drilling operations — saving both operational time and costs. On the forefront of drilling with casing technology, iTS, Parker Drilling provides you with our innovative Top-Tek casing running tool (CRT) and the necessary technical support to further enhance safety and efficiency for casing operations.

CwD solutions that reduce drilling time and costs

When considering iTS, Parker Drilling’s casing while drilling solutions, it is important to understand how the process works and what makes it a safe and effective approach. Drilling with casing technology allows you to drill and case the well at the same time; greatly reducing the time needed to pull out the bottom hole assembly (BHA) and lay the casing.

Depending on the project, iTS, Parker Drilling’s oil rig CwD solutions have the ability to do away with the tripping time required to bring the BHA out, which has shown to reduce drilling and casing times by over 35 percent. In addition to our technical support services for casing while drilling projects, all equipment provided comes from API-certified facilities, with up to date inspection, and function test reports.

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Our company’s objective is to deliver innovative, reliable and efficient drilling services that consistently exceed customer expectations. iTS, Parker Drilling’s prominent goals of continued improvements in safety and efficiency are further exemplified with our casing while drilling solutions. Contact us for more information on all our CwD technology and services, and how we can help your drilling operation today.

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