Worldwide Training Centers

The Parker Training Center is dedicated to serving the worldwide oil and gas industry. Courses are held at any of Parker’s training campuses, in field operation locations, centralized conference facilities or at operators’ locations. Headquartered in New Iberia, Louisiana, the Parker Training Center also has a campus in Anchorage, Alaska. English and Spanish instruction is available for most courses and Russian and Indonesian language instruction is available for select courses.

Training Center Equipment

In addition to a wide range of instructional courses, our Louisiana and Alaska campuses are equipped with floor simulators and computerized, 3D drilling simulators, on which students can experience the integration of rig equipment prior to working in the field. Students can practice pipe handling, drilling or well control operation in a virtual rig environment before stepping on the rig floor. Drilling, workover and completion simulation programs are provided in surface and subsea environments.

For a photo tour of the Parker Training Center's campuses, please view our Slideshow.