Fire Prevention and Control School

Parker Drilling Fire Prevention and Control School

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Curriculum Details

Are your crews ready?

Fire prevention and response on a drilling rig is a critical element in the safety of personnel and operations, and is generally discussed in most HSE programs. However, without hands-on training, drilling crews can become overwhelmed at the prospect of fighting a rapidly spreading fire. If not addressed correctly, even the smallest fires can quickly grow out of control, engulfing an entire drilling rig and putting the lives of the crew and millions of dollars in property at risk.

Put theory into action, for when there is no second chance.

The Parker Training Center Fire Prevention and Control School blends a traditional classroom curriculum with live fire training scenarios under safe and controlled conditions, giving your crews the skills needed to control and extinguish rig fires at the source.

Parker's Fire Prevention and Control School includes a 19-acre, state-of-the-art training campus in Richmond, Texas, complete with a full-scale burnable drilling rig, props and specialized on-site instruction, offering the most advanced, rig-specific fire-fighting program and training facility in the world.

The Parker Training Center's comprehensive programs are designed to challenge even the most seasoned personnel in the drilling industry. Backed by years of training expertise, our instructors, industry experts and staff support the classroom curriculum, augmented by exceptional hands-on training exercises for real-life incident command and response.

Campus Facilities and Course Descriptions

Throughout the three-day program, students alternate classroom instruction with live fire situations. Our experienced staff of drilling personnel from the Parker Training Center and career firefighters understand your training needs, and have the skills to translate your requirements into highly effective training evolutions.

The Parker Training Center Fire Prevention and Control campus includes:

  • Full-scale burnable props, utilizing high-pressure petroleum fuel in real-life situations
  • Full-scale replicas of a drilling rig, mud pits, doghouse and living quarters
  • Training grounds and props for hazardous materials and rescue exercises
  • On-site classrooms
  • First aid facilities

To find out more about the Fire Prevention and Control school, please contact us at the phone number or email address listed above.